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ALSER Home Security in Valencia - Espana - Alarms, CCTV & Smart Systems


Home Security Systems in Valencia

Valencia is in the "top 10" of the ranking of provinces with the highest probability of theft in homes in Spain. This is partly because second homes are also plentiful in this area.


Having an alarm in your second residence in Valencia is an essential tool to avoid theft, damage and squatting. Our alarm is the most feared by thieves, as it is manufactured by the world's largest security company ADT. For the alarm to be effective, it must be connected to an alarm receiving center and be recognized by the police for it to arrive. Our ADT alarm in Valencia not only complies with this but also has the highest percentage of video verifications with notice to the police in Spain, above Securitas and Prosegur. This occurs because our equipment has a patented PowerG technology that other companies do not have, capable of verifying that it is a real intrusion and not a failure in the system.

For example, when a burglar wants to rob a house with an alarm, he uses a jammer to prevent the alarm from alerting the police. Our alarm has the most advanced technology that allows to verify an inhibition, notifying the police and that they are coming, and we reflect it in your contract. The other companies register a failure in the system, and the police do not go due to failures in the system.


It is true that the numerous advertisements of security companies flood us, making us believe that our house is safe. But the residents of Valencia are very exposed to possible theft and we need a reliable alarm and comprehensive protection.


From Alser Alarmas in Valencia we have created a comprehensive protection package for our neighbors that is made up of 3 + 1 protection flanks.

Alarm System + Cybersecurity + Legal Assistance = from 33 euros \ month *

Being able to add the home insurance that best suits your needs (quality / price). At Alser we work with the best insurers in Spain, obtaining the best prices for our clients.


Hire your alarm for houses and flats in Valencia now and sleep peacefully being able to see and hear what is happening in your property from anywhere through your mobile.

Call our toll-free number and we will advise you without obligation:

900 877 872

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